I Help Small Business Owners Process and Understand Their Financial Data So That They Can Grow Their Business

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"John has been a great asset to my company, bringing clarity, understanding and expertise to my financial picture. Highly recommend!"

JUSTIN OZUNA  //  Metamedia Creative Co.

Why You Need Your Own Personal Bookkeeper?

You can't be an expert at everything, and you can't add hours to your week. BUT you can work smarter --by using an expert to help YOU with the time-consuming tasks you HATE to do.


My name is John Anderson, and I created Consultant Bookkeeper to help you manage your bookkeeping tasks, clearly understand your financial picture and solve the unique challenges of your consultant business.

- John Anderson

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Services We Offer


Clean and reconcile your accounts, classify your transactions and prepare beautiful, accurate monthly statements


Process your bills on a timely basis, avoiding duplicate payments, ensuring you have adequate backup for an audit, and managing your cash flow


Send monthly statements for amounts due from your customers, and follow up on past due items


Coordinate your payroll, prepare data for your CPA/taxes, prepare sales and use tax returns, prepare and monitor a budget/forecast

The best part? Everything is accessible online. That's because I only use the most effective cloud-based bookkeeping applications. There's no need to hire another employee or find space in your business for another headcount.

Consultant Bookkeeper can help you...

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    Devote more time to marketing your customers or find time to be with family/friends or your hobbies
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    Review your monthly financial statements with you to see how you're doing. At the end of the year, hand them to your CPA to simplify your taxes
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    Eliminate your worries on whether you're handling your finances correctly
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    Save money with our fixed monthly fee vs. hiring a new employee

Accounting Degree from Northern Illinois University


Consultant Bookkeeper offers professional bookkeeping services for the consulting industry. Work with a professional with an accounting degree and years of experience.


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